Blank Shade Card


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These shade cards are blank ready for you to use! We use them to plan colour patterns for crochet, but they would be suitable for a wide range of uses. We recommend using a biro style pen to write on them- we’ve tried a few and this works best for us! Alternatively, if you want to reuse your shade card, then simply buy a pen such as the Pilot Frixion Erasable pen. You can either use the eraser at the end of the pen to rub out your ink, or, very lightly press an iron to the shade card for a few seconds. This will leave behind a light white mark where the text was, but this does not prevent the card from being written on again.

Simply choose which style works for you- two holes for storing with your pattern in a lever arch file, one hole to put on a key ring or ribbon, or no holes at all!

If none of the variation choices suit your needs, simply send us a message to discuss what we can do for you.

Additional information

Number Of Yarn Holes

10, 15, 20


2 (For ring binder), 1 (For a ring), No holes


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